Instructors who can provide the
Kelp Forest Restoration Specialty Diver
training recommended for all
Tankers' Reef volunteers

Name Agency Affiliation   Contact Email
Brian Bennett PADI Aquarius Dive Shop Monterey (831) 375-1933 bennettbrian22(at)
William Mariano info(at)
Randall Spangler PADI Diver Dan's (408) 984-5819 randall(at)
Bob Halem bob(at)
Nick Nechay NAUI Bamboo Reef Dive Center Monterey (831) 372-1685 nick(at)
Nicholas Ta  
Tyler McKinney (434) 270-5337 mckinneytp(at)
Naniloa Casteel (831) 372-1685  
Alyssa Bellamy
Dave Davies
Dennis Hocker PADI Aquatutus Dive Club   dennis(at)
Bill Briscoe NAUI wwbcooks(at)

Important Notes:
To prevent spam-bots from putting the email addresses above onto spam lists, we've replaced
the "at" sign, "@" with "(at)". To send our instructors email, just undo that substitution.

Each instructor, or the shops they work at, sets their own fee for the training provided. Those fees vary widely and if you are sensitive to cost, you'll be glad you checked with several of the above instructors. Some instructors conduct their classes from the beach near the Tankers' Reef site, others run their classes as boat dives.

This list is current as of September 21, 2021. The list has grown during the year and we expect more instructors to get certified and be listed here in the future.

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