Where to get the recommended type of
hammer to use on the Tankers' Reef Project
If You Dive From the Beach Hopper 2
As of this writing, divers with Kelp Forest Restoration Specialty certification can travel to the project site on the Beach Hopper 2 on Thursdays at a deeply discounted rate (which covers their cost only). Hammers will be available on the boat. For safety reasons, please do not bring your own hammer on the boat. These are trips for working volunteers: no cameras allowed. You can make a reservation here.

If You Don't Have a Hammer

Don't worry: G2KR leadership is doing its best to keep a few hammers at the base of the white buoy and the base of the orange buoy. Trained divers should be starting your dives at the base of one of those buoys, and it is a good spot to fine tune buoyancy and pick up a hammer before starting to cull urchins. Please return borrowed hammers for the next diver to use!

To Buy Your Own Hammer
Here are links to places where you can buy the recommended type of hammer. It is a welder's chipping hammer or slag hammer. Any hammer that looks like these should do. Note: we believe the shock-absorbing handle will keep your hand and wrist happier after a few hundred urchins.

Home Depot had them for $6.27 in June of 2021.

There were some in stock in the Seaside store at that time. They were on Aisle 13, in Bay 017.

As of July, 2021, Amazon had at least two that are similar:
This one for $8.06 (plus tax and shipping)
or this one, which is a couple ounces heavier, for $5.80 (plus tax and shipping)

As of July, 2021, Harbor Freight had
this one at $5.99, which was in stock in their San Jose store.

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